It seems to me that this question, “Why find your passion?” goes hand in hand with other “unanswerable” questions such as: What is the secret of life? Or What is time, really? Or Why does life exist? Everyone can have a theory, volumes of essays can be written, mathematical explanations derived, brains exploded, souls enlightened…you get what I mean. In fact, I’ve spent way too many months sitting in front of my computer camera doing take after take, working on

NOBODY LISTENS ANYMORE! Don’t be like them.

A couple of months ago, I started taking note of how disconnected people really are. The easiest way for me to notice was to take note of when people stop listening in conversations. You can usually tell because the person will look away or they’ll get this glazed look in their eyes (they are obviously not focused on you). You want to know what I found out? WOW, it happens a lot! I really don’t think I need to convince

How to Make an Awesome Online Dating Profile (on OkCupid)

How to Make an Awesome Online Dating Profile (on OkCupid)

Today’s post is for all my single people out there! Dating is already hard enough, and if you decide to date online, the last thing you need is a subpar profile to make it even HARDER. I’ve helped many people to “makeover” their online dating profiles so that they get considerably more views and more positive responses. I thought it might be helpful to those who WANT to know (generally) how to give their profiles a little “umph”. If you

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