“Serenity Now!”

It’s a particularly unique Sunday today in Pasadena, CA. I woke up to the sound of rain in the morning, which was incredibly relaxing. I then said goodbye to my family who had spent the night after a fun Saturday night. I took a slow shower and took my time getting ready. I then grabbed my bike and headed into Old Town where I met up with my husband and some friends to watch some football. I am not a


It seems to me that this question, “Why find your passion?” goes hand in hand with other “unanswerable” questions such as: What is the secret of life? Or What is time, really? Or Why does life exist? Everyone can have a theory, volumes of essays can be written, mathematical explanations derived, brains exploded, souls enlightened…you get what I mean. In fact, I’ve spent way too many months sitting in front of my computer camera doing take after take, working on

NOBODY LISTENS ANYMORE! Don’t be like them.

A couple of months ago, I started taking note of how disconnected people really are. The easiest way for me to notice was to take note of when people stop listening in conversations. You can usually tell because the person will look away or they’ll get this glazed look in their eyes (they are obviously not focused on you). You want to know what I found out? WOW, it happens a lot! I really don’t think I need to convince

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