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How March 2015 Can Help You Live A Better Life

Welcome to March 2015. I can’t believe it’s here. Just saying that line makes me feel like I’m watching some futuristic movie, but no…it’s real.  It’s March 2015. Just yesterday I was chatting with my little cousin online (who is 12) and she was telling me how excited she was that her birthday was coming up in April. I, of course, celebrated in her excitement; but also I was thinking “slow down!” It seems like time just slips through our

Passions Exist – But We Have to Create Them

Passions exist. And they can make you REALLY happy. Anyone who tells you differently can go to [insert somewhere unpleasant]. If you google “how to find your passion” there are SO MANY ways people have found a way to quantify the journey. You’ll find methods that can “boost” your way to find your passion or exercises to help you “unlock” it. Here’s the thing, though. I’ve found that most people’s passions don’t exist before they create them. So, if it

Why V-Day Should NEVER Be Dismissed

Valentine’s Day. Some people cringe when they see that; others are filled with joy. Whatever your reaction may be, the fact is it has become a “holiday” that you simply can’t ignore anymore. Grocery stores and gas stations have heart candy and chocolates, flowers, and heart balloons everywhere; commercials on the television and radio incessantly remind us we are with or without love.  And here I am reminding you again that Valentine’s Day is four days away. I can just

BIG CHANGES – Knowing The Perfect Time to Make Them

No matter what you decide to do in life, if it’s BIG and it scares the hell out of you…there’s never going to be a right time to do it. I first learned this when I was 6. Yup, that’s right…6. You see, there was a huge diving board at the neighborhood swimming pool that was easily 20 feet high. All the kids were jumping off the diving board and they looked like they were having so much fun. So

Expatriate Lessons

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to tell a young woman about my life in Saudi Arabia and what it was like to move back here to Pasadena. It’s Thursday now, but all week I’ve been thinking about how things have changed, but also how they haven’t and I wanted to share that with you all. When I moved back to Pasadena I was 13 years old and was just starting 8th grade. After spending my first day at

My First Free Webinar

Well the day has come. I’m jumping in completely for my very first webinar. I decided to do this because I figured I’d be able to help people outside of Pasadena this way, too…and if I can help you, then…I’m golden. Please register for 3 Steps To Set You Up For the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted on Jan 23, 2015 12:00 PM PST at: Sick of never getting past the “dating stage”? Don’t want to waste time on pointless

Relationship Maintenance

One of my favorite things to talk about as a coach is relationships. Ever since I can remember I’ve been OBSESSED with relationships, studied how they work, mastered how to hack them, and especially how to make sure they stay on track. Relationships are definitely not always easy because emotions get involved (among other things…ahem, sex…ahem); and sometimes they break and can’t be fixed anymore. This year, with all the success stories of relationships flourishing I have also lived with

Bring it on 2015.

Welcome to 2015! If you aren’t back to work by now, you’re probably about to go back. It’s been almost a week since the New Year started and things are starting to get ramped up again. As much as I’d love to tell you this year has started off wonderfully for me, I can’t. Here’s why: I got sick on New Year’s Day! And it wasn’t a hangover (this will surprise some of you). I’m talking full-blown infection/flu/fever/virus/felt-like-I-was-dying sick. As

10 Things About Me You Didn’t Know

As the subject suggests, mainly I’m just going to tell you 10 things about me you proooobably don’t know. So, here goes:   1. Not Everyone Has Always Believed In Me (and people still don’t). When I was a high school freshman, I took a test so that I could take Geometry with the sophomores. I got a 92%, but the counselor said that my score “wasn’t high enough” to pass the class. After spending an hour in Algebra (a class I’d