I Want Love In My Life

Ah! Single life. There were parts of it that I loved and parts that I hated.  Ultimately, I did want to find love but I WASN’T lost without it.  I found myself defending my “singleness” to some while feeling as if I was somehow “behind” on the game of life.  But I was never one to settle…I didn’t WANT to settle.  I had my share of heartbreaks (aka puffy-eye-filled days), bad dates (ok TERRIBLE dates), great dates (with the wrong person), lonely nights (sexless nights), self-loathing nights, and conversations filled with “advice” from people in “happy” relationships.  PLEASE! SPARE me your insight!  The last thing I wanted was to end up like some of the couples I knew.  But, I DID want love. 

I get it.  You want love, but you’ve hit the point where you are ready to GIVE UP.  But you aren’t giving up are you?  Otherwise why would you be reading this?

Want to find out what it takes to be in a healthy, successful relationship?  Do you want to know what it’s like to share your life with someone who respects every part of you and supports you all the time?

I’d love to pass on to you how I was able to accomplish that for myself.  How did I go from being too shy to talk to my first crush to having a successful marriage?  It’s not something that can just be told and understood.  It takes work.

Are you ready to put in a ton of work to get to where you want to be?
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