What Clients Are Saying

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Christine takes her clients’ dreams, relationships, and privacy very seriously.  Here is what they are saying about her… 

“There is a Buddhist proverb that states ‘when the student is ready..the teacher will appear.’ This truth materialized for me when I met Christine. It was a moment in my life, like many, when I was seeking happiness…I found Christine’s online group…The Science of Happiness on meetup.com.  Christine is what people consider a soul mate. You are instantly and forever connected to her. I came to The Science of happiness without friends…I now have friends and new life experiences. I am an art lover, a hiker and seeker of healthier food choices all after ventures under Christine’s guidance.


Christine’s skill as a coach was instantly apparent.  Her philosophy of ‘just do it’ has allowed me to mark many things off my to-do and bucket list. Under her inspiration I have learned to love and value myself as a person . Christine is very articulate and her words linger and impact me way after our meeting is over.” ~Card Maker, 60


“Before I met with Christine I was pretty sure of the person I was. I was fully aware of my insecurities and have learned how to deal with them. I let Christine in very slowly at first and she was able to channel her way into finding my biggest fears – my closet of insecurities that were keeping me from my successes. She opened my eyes that I didn’t need to put up with my insecurities, but face them. Facing my fears and having trust within myself meant being happier and gaining control of my life. She was right and since then I have slowly, but surely i’ve been moving forward and seeing more success at work, in my relationships, and in my future plans. I’m glad I didn’t hem and haw about meeting Christine. The quicker I let her in the quicker she was able to work.” ~Entrepreneur, 27


“I was feeling really down about not doing well at work. I mentioned this to Christine and she told me words I’ll never forget: ‘Just because you think Affirmative Action got you there doesn’t mean it’s going to keep you there.’ Those words changed my life. Just because an opportunity is given to me doesn’t mean that it’s okay to waste it. I have to work hard to keep whatever I have, even if something is occasionally given to me.” ~Author, 29


“After talking with Christine, I learned new strategies of coping with obstacles, opened myself up to new possibilities, and realized what steps I needed to take to move forward in the direction of my dreams. Working with Christine has helped me in my career, and interpersonal relationships. Christine’s insight has also helped me become more aware of my own behavioral patterns, and thoughts. I cannot recommend Christine’s coaching highly enough!” ~Entertainer, 29


“She’s not one to sugar coat things, but she comes from a place of compassion and patience that it makes it easy to share your personal struggles.  She objectively told me things I necessarily did not want to confront myself and suggested some actions that could help me get out of my shell.” ~Actor, 29

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