Your Dream Life

Picture THIS  It wasn’t that long ago when I was living “the life”.  I had a six figure salary, a promising future at the top energy and resources engineering consulting company (in the world), a house, a dog, and a great relationship. BUT, I wasn’t living my dream life.  I woke up totally unmotivated to go to work.  I was getting sick a lot. I was on medication for heart burn. I wasn’t getting challenged, I disliked some of my co-workers, but loved a lot of them…I was in limbo.  Just kind of floating along.  Sound familiar?

WELL, what if I told you life doesn’t have to feel that way?  What if most of the people around you were wrong?  What if that nagging feeling inside of you is actually your most authentic self FIGHTING to get out?

Learning to listen to that voice inside you is what leads to your dream life.  PUSHING through the scariest life changes towards where you KNOW you need to go is what gets you closer to your dream life.

Paying attention to those sweaty palms and that extreme discomfort in your stomach…being so scared that you cry…those are signs you’re about to start on a journey that could totally ruin you…or not.

I know what that feels like, because I’ve been there. Fast forward to now and my life is so different.  I LOVE what I do, I’m inspired by the people I coach, and I’m constantly challenged by them.  I am living my dream life.

What’s yours?  Ready to find out?  Ready to finally LIVE your life?

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